Posted by: Marty | June 25, 2015

The Confederate Flag, Racism, and Just Being People

Yesterday, as my 16 year old son and I were going into a big-box home center, a customer and an employee were loading an appliance into the back of a pickup truck near the entrance. As we walked past, one guy had to turn loose in order to hop into the truck, so I grabbed the corner he had just turned loose of, and asked if we could help. We slid the appliance into his truck, he thanked us, and we went on into the store. Incidentally, that gentleman was black. I didn’t stop to consider his melanin content, nor did he stop to consider mine. We were just a couple of people who met in the course of life, without compartmentalizing one another based on our skin color. In fact, as I was relating this account to my wife later, my son laughed and said that he hadn’t even noticed that one of the men we had helped was black. This is what bothers me about this whole manufactured controversy with the Confederate flag. The professional race agitators in the propagandist media and politics have succeeded in further driving the racial wedge between blacks and whites. “They” have willing accomplices in socialist academia and in hand-wringing, self-flagellating white liberals. For whatever agenda “they” possess, “they” want to drive a wedge between me and the young man I lent a hand to in a 30 second encounter. “They” want people like us to divide purely over the color of our skin. “Their” hammer is lies. To further the agenda, “they” are lying about the Confederate Flag. “They” are lying about the South. “They” are lying about ME! People like me are being demonized in the eyes of people like this young man.

“They” are systematically expunging our history of everything that doesn’t fit the official narrative. We are watching the Hegelian Dialectic being employed on a massive scale. Every thought must be synthesized into the narrative. Every historical monument must be sanitized. Every last vestige of dissent and every last dissenter must be re-educated, in this brave new world we live in. This world in which every uncomfortable thing must be prefaced by trigger warnings and every boorish comment is taken as microagression. This brave new world in which men who pretend to be women are hailed as courageous, and men who bravely fought the invasion of their homes by the armies of their own former government, are spat upon as the vile off scouring of the earth. The real crime of the South, as far as “they” are concerned, was that the South stubbornly resisted tyranny and simply sought to preserve the original, Constitutional order of things. Southerners, as a people, still to this day, tend to be more resistant to federal over-reach and more inclined to insist that the federal government be bound by the Constitution.  This whole thing is not about the flag. It’s about the truth. It’s about the complete re-creation of Southern culture. It’s about finally bringing the South under subjection to the brave new world, and greasing the skids upon which America will finally slide into oblivion. I’m sure glad this world is not my home.



  1. Amen!

  2. I just found this post this morning (July 15, 2015), so I hope you receive this comment. I think these are great thoughts, brother Marty. Do you have any sermons or other resources where I can find the truth about what the South and/or the Confederate flag stood for in the Civil War? I am a product of the public school system and was taught that it was all about mean slave owners and how they treated black people as animals. In other words, the government was the savior…similar to todays SCOTUS ruling on sodomy. We are homeschooling our daughter and want to have resources on this subject. She is only 8 (3rd grade), so we haven’t talked about the Civil War yet. I appreciate the work the Lord is doing through you and brother Sam. May God continue to bless your ministries. You can contact me at if you have any sermons/resources. Thank you!

    In Christ Jesus,
    Jason Elliott
    Elizabethton TN

  3. Hi Marty and Brandy, we met you guys at Peaceful Valley in 2010. We have thought about your family a thousand times since. We listened to your sermon on idolatry on sermon audio. It was so nice to hear preaching out of the Bible. We would love to talk with you guys. We stayed away from the internet for so long but just recently got a WordPress site for our Psalms and travels. I actually wrote a blog about Brandy a while back not knowing how to get in touch with you guys. It’s under our food blog. Called unity, fellowship and Adzuki beans. Looking forward to talking with you guys.

    Amber Tharp

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