Posted by: Marty | March 5, 2015

Baptist Perpetuity in 1805

The West Kentucky Baptist

“The origin of the Baptists can be found no where, unless it be conceded, that it was at Jordan or Enon . . . . The Hussites, in the fifteenth century, the Wickliffites, in the fourteeth and the Petrobrussians, in the twelfth, and the Waldenses, were all Baptists . . . . The consequences of this whole is this: The Baptists have no origin short of the apostles. They arose in the days of John the Baptist, and increased largely in the days of our blessed Saviour, when he showed himself unto Israel, and the days of his apostles, and have existed, under the severest persecutions, with intervals of prosperity, every since . . . . In this short history of the Baptists, we see the continued accomplishment of one of Christ’s promissory predictions, which is, Matt. 16:18, ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.’ ” Daniel…

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