Posted by: Marty | October 31, 2012

Zwingli v. Hubmaier

What is an “Anabaptist?” Listen closely to the answer of a 10 year old! A look at the Anabaptists of 16th Century Switzerland from the “Collegiate Baptist History Workbook” by James Beller and “A History of the Churches” by David Cloud.

The Zurich study group composed of Ulrich Zwingli, Felix Manz, Blaurock, Graebel and others came to the position that scriptural baptism is by immersion of adult believers. Zwingli soon reversed position and returned to the Protestant position of sprinkling infants due to the opposition that the study group received from Zurich’s leaders. “The fear of man bringeth a snare!”

The Zurich City Council called for a public debate between Zwingli and the other members of the study group. Immediately after the debate, the city council shut down all preaching and teaching which was contrary to the Protestant position. Manz and others drowned in 1527.

Balthasar Hubmaier tortured on the rack and in a moment of extreme duress recants, and is brought to the “church” to make a public recantation. After Zwingli preaches against the heresies of the Anabaptists, Hubmaier is called to make his statement. Greatly strengthened by the Lord, Hubmaier shouts that infant baptism is not of God and is hauled back to the dungeon! He is later released and over the next 3 years baptized 12,000 converts before he is finally martyred in 1528!

This is an informal study we do on Sunday evenings in our home as a part of our homeschooling curriculum. Another couple from our church joins us every Sunday night. We discuss things and you might even hear the younger children playing in the background! We hope you enjoy this study and encourage you to follow along!



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