Posted by: Marty | June 1, 2012

The Role of Women

“Both the parents owe duties to their children; but the appropriate duties of the mother, especially towards little children, are such that she could not leave them as the pastor must for his public tasks without criminal neglect and their probable ruin. It may be said that this argument has no application to unmarried women. The answers are, that God contemplates marriage as the proper condition of woman, while he does not make celibacy a crime, and that the sphere he assigns to the unmarried woman is also private and domestic… God has assigned to her a private sphere sufficiently important and honorable to justify the whole expenditure of angelic endowments- the formation of the character of children. This is the noblest and most momentous work done on earth.”

R.L. Dabney on the Public Preaching of Women, The Southern Presbyterian Review of October 1879.


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