Posted by: Marty | March 29, 2012

Baptists Principles Are Better.

We’re not here…to try to prove to everybody how much better Baptists are than everybody else. That’s ridiculous, to think that one human being is better than another human being. That’s a little ridiculous: one piece of dirt is not better than another piece of dirt. We’re not trying to say that Baptist people are better, however as I’ve said many many times, the principles are better; and if the principles aren’t better then go be a Methodist, go be a Presbyterian. But if the principles are better then they are only better because they are biblical and if they’re not biblical then they’re not better. So, we’re Baptist people because we’re biblical in our outlook. The things that we do are biblical and scriptural. As a matter of fact, if you step outside the boundaries of the word of God, you’re no longer a Baptist, you’re not a bible-believer and Baptists are bible-believers.


James Beller, from the sermon “American Revivals




  1. Hey Tater,
    Did you wrestle in school, for it seems that your itching for a wrestling match with the wording of your above post. By stepping on to the mat, I hope we won’t both just end up rolling around trying to place one another in a headlock. But….. I do want to give a not so subtle reproof.

    I found it interesting that just after this post a prompt to another blog is listed: A Defense of Rebatism. Dear Brother, and I say that in all earnest, if you believed the Bible’s testimony to you, as your post claims, there would be no need to be re-baptized. You’re trying to conjure up in yourself some sort of effectual assurance that your salvation is for real, using adjectives like serious, truly, ardently in your Bible study and attempt to live out your faith. In the meantime, you’re tormenting your audience with the same sort of doubt. I see in your conscience a debate. While pleading humility, I see a haughty arrogance in your affiliated principles.

    However, the believer’s faith is to be in the Word. This is the point of your departure from a faith which brings peace to the believer unto a self manufactured obscure idea of faith that brings torment to those that will not listen nor believe God’s testimony to them, that is, His irrevocable and undeniable promises. In your ‘Defense of Rebatism’ you wrote,”The bible gives two church ordinances: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These ordinances are memorial and symbolic. They confer no grace to those who participate.” Why not rather write,”I do not not believe the testimony of God…I will not believe His Word to me…..I will make a symbol here in my thinking and continue in my search for an effectual faith that saves, having myself rebaptized everytime I feel as if my faith is in want, that is, everytime I question God’s word to me.” Keep the baptismal full, dear brother, for it is exactly in this realm that the god of this world reigns. You and I will need to be baptized perpetually, indeed, not leave the water if the unassailable Word of God not be attached to that water, in which we are to have faith.

    In the Lord’s Supper, Our Lord speaks to us through the voice of His ordained minister,”Take and eat, THIS IS MY BODY, given for you…Take and drink of it, all of you, THIS IS THE CUP OF THE NEW AND ETERNAL TESTAMENT IN MY BLOOD, poured out for you and for many, FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS….”

    Dear Brother, will you have the brazen forehead of a whore here and say that our Lord did not say this….that He does not say this to us. Will you say to the recipients of this sacrament that ”this is NOT His body…..that this is NOT His blood.” If you do, continue to torment yourself and your audience in some obscure ephemeral search for the meaning of faith. Rebaptize them again and again, in effect, telling them the word of God not be true, they do not have the remission of sins promised to them here by the Word of God. Have them keep searching within themselves for the meaning of this faith which saves, have them continue to question the Word of God to you and to them. Tell them this ‘FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS’ has no effectual meaning unto their faith.

    • “Tater?” Really?

      No, I have neither the time nor the inclination for a doctrinal wrestling match with you. My post speaks for itself. The scriptures are clear. The bible knows nothing of sacramental salvation. Salvation is by grace through faith without works. It is the blood that is for the remission of sin. If those principles are not better than the powerless Roman Catholic sacramental system, we are on our way to hell with no hope.

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