Posted by: Marty | January 29, 2012

The Sin of Open Communion

At the bar of God’s truth I impeach it of sin and of treason because–

(1)  It violates the law of God making it a church ordinance. They set their table “out of the Kingdom.”

(2)  It is a sin, because it gives the bread and wine to the unconverted.

(3)  It is a sin because given to the unbaptized.

(4) I impeach it of the sin of substitution. God’s reason for communion is superseded, and it is received to show Christian fellowship and to unite husband and wife.

(5)  It is treason, in that it makes void the law of discipline.

(6)  It is sin in being used “as a means of grace.”

(7)  It is a sin in that it seeks the destruction of Baptist churches.

(8)  It is a sin, in that it is founded upon a sickly sentimentality, an affected charity, and upon fallacies and sophisms, and teems with glaring inconsistencies. In all the universe of created things, animate and inanimate, it has no counterpart. It stands before us like Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Excerpted from the sermon “A Discussion of the Lord’s Supper” by B.H. Carroll which is found in the book “Ecclesia–the Church, ” Number 38 in the Baptist Distinctives Series published by The Baptist Standard Bearer.


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