Posted by: Marty | January 9, 2012

Tebow Worship

I’ve had about all the Tebow worship I can take! I don’t doubt Tebow’s sincerity or his Christian testimony, but he needs to set his fans straight! There are some, even in the media who are suggesting that Tim Tebow’s stats are in some way divinely inspired or that the Bronco’s win last night was providentially guided. I don’t believe that God is within a million miles of it! Sports are a major form of idolatry in our society. Football is a violent sport that is intimately associated with worldliness, nudity, alcohol, and gambling (and that is just on the sidelines, not to mention the commercials and the half-time shows). I can’t imagine the Holy Son of God chasing a man down and trying to beat his brains out for possession of a ball! Kids mimicking his prayer stance (Tebowing) is nothing short of a violation of the 1st commandment! In scripture the disciples and even the angels refuse to accept worship that only belongs to God! Jesus taught that true worship of God must be done in spirit and in truth. God only accepts worship that is done according to His word. Scripture says that “obedience is better than sacrifice.” God is pleased with obedience, not empty “sacrifice.” I fear that there are many kids (and probably many adults) who falsely think that they are Christians because they are Tebow fans or because they know some “Christian” terminology or because they know John 3:16. There will be multitudes standing before the LORD Jesus Christ on the last day who will hear Him utter these terrifying words “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”



  1. Really? You honestly want to take the truth that a born again believer is doing and a stance that he is taking for Jesus and bash him? You are certainly entitled to have an opinion, but I would strongly suggest that you be very careful of how you bash someone that professes Christ as Tim Tebow does. I am not a worshiper of Tim Tebow, but I am a fan of how he is taking a stand in a society that is in dire need of Jesus.

    The truth is that God is a loving God that is concerned that all would come to know him as Lord and Savior. Neither you or I know the impact that Tim Tebow has had on peoples lives or those that have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus because of the example that Tebow has been.

    All I ask is that you be very careful when you bash someone that you have never met or truly know anything about.

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