Posted by: Marty | November 23, 2011

The IFB Cult

The IFB Cult

Well, I found out via “Shattered Faith” which aired on ABC’s 20/20 that I belong to a cult. Bummer.

This hatchet piece demonized an entire group of people because of their religious affiliation. I can’t imagine the hue and cry that would have been raised had the target group been anybody other that conservative (dare I say “fundamental”) Christians! That’s what the “F” in IFB stands for: fundamental. The term was used in the 20/20 piece like it was some sort of new disease: “Independenetfundamentalbapsist.”

It has long been a tactic of those who hate the God of the Bible to use smear tactics and to insinuate monstrous evil against God’s people. Assuming that all of the allegations were true, it is yellow journalism at its worst to take 2 or 3 examples of unbiblical weirdness in the extreme and impute that unbiblical weirdness to the entire population.

The key here is the term “independent.” Our churches are bound together by nothing more than name in many cases. Many of us share the same biblical principles, but then again many of us don’t. We are independent of one another. I hope to blog some on the doctrinal positions that make Baptists distinct from other denominations. In the mean time, read Bro. David Cloud’s excellent rebuttal to the 20/20 piece.

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  1. Guess, I am apart of that “cult”

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