Posted by: Marty | November 22, 2011

Revival At Sandy Creek

November 22, 1755 – Sandy Creek Baptist Church, of Sandy Creek,
North Carolina was constituted by Shubal Stearns and a total of eight families
adding up to 16 members. The little flock built a meeting house and they
rapidly grew to over six hundred under the leadership of Stearns and his
brother-in-law Daniel Marshall and Joseph Breed who assisted him. The historian,
George Washington Paschal has stated in his book, The History of the North Carolina Baptists that, “I make bold to
say that these Separate Baptists have proved to be the most remarkable body of
Christians America has known.” David L. Cummins continues, “I further agree
with Paschal that had the Baptist cause in America continued under the
domination of a strong Calvinism, such as the Particular Baptists advocated,
Baptists would not have grown into such a force for God in our land.” It was a
memorable day when the little group of Separate Baptists traveled to Sandy
Creek, Guilford, County, N.C. Marshall was tireless in his efforts and was soon
preaching in Virginia with tremendous results. In an early visit he baptized
Dutton Lane, and he soon began to exhort. As a result, revival fell. Marshall
at one time baptized 42. Samuel Harriss, who later became the leader of the
Separate Baptists in Virginia, was also baptized by Marshall. The growth in
Virginia was almost breathtaking, but so was the persecution by the Anglican
state church that followed that swept many of the preachers into prison. In 17
years the Sandy Creek church was responsible for 42 churches and 125 Baptist
ministers. Her branches reached out from the Chesapeake Bay eastward to the great
river westward; and then to the Potomac northward, and to Georgia to the south.
Stearns died at 71.  


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